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Whatever the type of diet produced, the specialised manufacturing process ensures a nutritonally stable and microbiologically clean end product. All standard and SQC products have a shelf life of nine months provided they are stored in a cool, dry place.

Our own storage facilities have been specially designed to give the best protection possible for all diets. Directly after packaging they are stored in an environmentally-monitored and vermin-proofed warehouse, equipped with forced ventilation and controlled lighting.

Shelf life

Special Quality Control (SQC) and Standard Diets
SDS give SQC and standard diets a 9 month shelf life.

Shelf life studies show that, although SDS diets are, nutritionally, fit for purpose after 12 months, 9 months is the critical time after which variability in the nutritional parameters increases. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon which may not be considered important in many aspects of animal nutrition, however for research purposes, it is important to use diets during their least variable period which is from time of manufacture to
9 months.

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