Fixed Formulation Diets

Fixed vs Variable formulations

All of SDS diets are manufactured to a fixed formulation which means exactly the same level of ingredients are used in every batch of diet.

Variable formulations are popular in agricultural nutrition as a way of keeping down costs of raw materials. In research animal nutrition, variable formulations are some times used and efforts are made to keep nutrient levels consistent or “constant”. SDS does not support this method. Whilst it may be feasible to control the consistency of some basic nutrient parameters, there is an enormous number of biologically active dietary factors (BADF’s) that may have a bearing on the research animal, many of which may be directly linked to your research. The majority of these BADF’s are unaccounted or unanalysed, so by varying the formulation you are increasing the variability of the majority of BADF’s. It is for these reasons that SDS believes that your research will be best suited to diets with fixed formulations. SDS reaffirms its belief in the fixed formulation method.